Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services

For anyone interested in obtaining occupational hygiene services, the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene has written a ‘Buyers Guide for Obtaining Occupational Hygiene Services’.  This guide provides essential information to guide businesses to obtain the appropriate competent occupational hygiene advice for their needs and is vital reading for those seeking occupational hygiene specialist services.    Businesses are faced with key legal responsibilities in appointing competent persons to assist with compliance of health and safety laws. The guide is designed to address this requirement, helping you to find the right competent advice for your needs. The guide also explains that while appropriate professional qualifications alone do not guarantee a good consultancy service, they make it more likely.

Within this guide, we recognise the difference in the likely depth of knowledge that a Chartered Member or Fellow may have, compared to a Licentiate, and between a Licentiate and a technician or trainee.

We have also updated and published our FOH Good Practice Guide for Consultants.

How to use the Directory

Directory entries are listed when you click on the find options below. You can search by company name, city or by the occupational hygiene services the company offers.  The contact listed in the entry is a member of the BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene.

Though you can segment by city for the purposes of this publication, please bear in mind that many companies do offer nationwide coverage.

Each entry listed includes contact details, company services and a summary of the organisation’s fields of expertise in occupational hygiene and related topics. This information has been provided by the company and while updates are made to confirm the data is accurate, BOHS cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies relating to the information within the entry.

The presence of the company in the Directory does not mean that BOHS endorse the organisation or the individual mentioned. 

The company’s entry may also include other services peripheral to the offered occupational hygiene services. Where a company lists accreditations for those peripheral services, users of the directory may wish to verify these via the relevant accreditation body. 

To find out more about a company you can click on the link on the company name. It will list the their level of experience in their company entry for each occupational hygiene topic.  They will be listed as A, B or C.  For the meanings see below:




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